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AIMI High School Student Programs

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Welcome to AIMI's High School Student Programs:  Igniting Curiosity and Inspiring Innovation in AI and Medicine!

At the Stanford Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging, we are on a mission to revolutionize the landscape of medicine through the power of artificial intelligence, and we believe that the future of this transformative technology lies in the hands of bright, young minds. We are inspired by the curiosity and ambitious optimism of the students we meet, and we are committed to creating accessible opportunities to help nurture and empower the next generation.

Discover the limitless opportunities at the intersection of AI and medicine with AIMI's engaging and enriching programs designed for high school students. Our NextGen Tech Talks series and AI in Healthcare Bootcamp (summer research internship) are your gateways to a world where technology transforms healthcare, and your passion fuels groundbreaking innovations.

We invite high school students who are curious, ambitious, and passionate about the intersection of technology and medicine to join us!

NextGen Tech Talks: Explore, Learn, Interact

Dive into the fascinating world of AI in medicine and health through AIMI NextGen Tech Talks, our live online webinar series tailored specifically for high school students. Join renowned experts as they share their professional journeys, unveiling the transformative potential of technology in healthcare. Engage in live webinar Q&A sessions, where your questions fuel meaningful discussions. These talks provide a unique opportunity to gain insights, learn from expert leaders, and explore the diverse applications of AI in medicine.

NextGen Tech Talks

Summer Health AI Bootcamp

Designed for high school learners of all technical levels, this free virtual bootcamp offers a curated curriculum that covers the fundamentals of machine learning in healthcare settings. Discover the intersections through this series of virtual lectures led by Stanford’s leading health AI experts.

AI Bootcamp

Summer Research Internship

Immerse yourself in a transformative two-week virtual experience with AIMI's Summer Research Internship. Delve deep into the fundamentals of AI in healthcare through enlightening lectures, a hands-on research project, and career development mentoring sessions with esteemed leaders in the field. This immersive program is more than just a learning opportunity; it's a chance to explore the technical and clinical aspects of AI in healthcare. 

Internship Program

Summer Research Internship Student Leads

Are you a natural leader with a advanced technical skills and passion for innovation? AIMI invites proactive and dedicated individuals to take on pivotal leadership roles within the internship, working closely with mentors to guide project direction. Your creativity and dedication will shape the future of healthcare technology, making you an essential part of our collaborative community.

Internship Student Leads

Accessible Learning

Both our Summer Research Internship and NextGen Tech Talks series are accessible without any participation fees, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder pursuit of knowledge and innovation.