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The AIMI Center

Stanford has established the AIMI Center to develop, evaluate, and disseminate artificial intelligence systems to benefit patients.  We conduct research that solves clinically important imaging problems using machine learning and other AI techniques.


Welcome from the Director Curtis Langlotz, MD, PhD

Machine learning provides an unprecedented opportunity to extract meaning from medical imaging data and to develop tools that improve patient care. The AIMI Center is a long-term scholarly initiative that will require a combination of technical and clinical skill, and, like many informatics initiatives will depend critically on collaboration among clinicians, computer scientists, statisticians, and informatics professionals.

2019 AIMI Seed Grants Call for Proposals

The AIMI Center is pleased to announce our first call for proposals! Our seed grant program aims to stimulate and support the creation of innovative and high-impact ideas that will advance the field of medical imaging. We plan to award up to six seed grants of up to $75,000 each. Applications are due on April 5, 2019.