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At AIMI, research and development efforts are anchored in three core focus areas: building a robust AI/ML research infrastructure that promotes the responsible use of AI from the ground up, advancing multimodal AI technologies to enhance clinical decision-making and operational efficiency, and ensuring the responsible deployment and evaluation of AI tools to maintain fairness, usefulness, and reliability in healthcare applications. 

AI/ML Research Infrastructure and Implementation

AIMI emphasizes responsible AI from the outset. Our research infrastructure facilitates the development of pipelines that leverage clinical data to enhance AI architectures and also ensures these technologies are developed under stringent ethical guidelines. This includes validating AI impacts on patient outcomes and establishing best practices for using open datasets. 

Development and Application of Multimodal AI Technologies

AIMI focuses on creating adaptable, predictive models that are specifically tuned to address unique healthcare challenges, improve care delivery, and facilitate more personalized treatment options. These include foundational and large language models, and advanced techniques in natural language processing , computer vision, and other AI methodologies. By integrating diverse data sources such as electronic health records, clinical notes, and imaging data, these technologies enhance clinical decision-making and operational efficiency.  Our multimodal approach allows for a more comprehensive analysis and application, making AI solutions more robust and effective.

Responsible AI Deployment and Evaluation

AIMI integrates ethical considerations at every step of AI model development and deployment, ensuring that its technologies enhance patient care without exacerbating existing disparities or introducing new biases, thus setting a high standard for responsible AI in healthcare. The center develops and disseminates frameworks like the fairness, usability, and reliability of models (FURM) framework to critically evaluate the usefulness of AI.  AIMI also conducts thorough ethical reviews, and undertakes financial projections that consider long-term sustainability. These efforts are complemented by rigorous IT feasibility assessments for deploying AI solutions sustainably within healthcare systems.