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Chief Data Science Officer, Microsoft Health & Life Sciences; Adjunct Professor, Biomedical Data Science, Stanford University; Physician, UCSF

Matthew Lungren, MD

Dr. Lungren, Chief Medical Information Officer at Nuance Communications (a Microsoft subsidiary), balances his role as a clinical AI researcher with a part-time pediatric interventional radiology practice at UCSF, and adjunct faculty roles at Stanford and Duke. Before Microsoft, he led Stanford's AIMI and served as Principal for Clinical AI/ML at Amazon Web Services, specializing in public sector healthcare business development. With over 100 scientific publications, he has contributed significantly to healthcare AI, including multi-modal data fusion models, computer vision, and natural language processing. He advises startups and Fortune-500 companies on healthcare AI strategy and frequently speaks on the subject nationally and internationally. Dr. Lungren also teaches a popular AI in Healthcare course on Coursera designed for non-technical learners.