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Gabrielle Bunney

Gabrielle Bunney, MD, MBA is an Innovation fellow in the department of Emergency Medicine at Stanford. She has a passion for using artificial intelligence (AI) models to support emergency medicine care delivery and efficiency. She has worked on projects using machine learning models to predict early seizures after intracerebral hemorrhage and identify patients for a hospital’s geriatric intervention program aimed to avoid hospital admission. Her current research projects are focused on designing a model to select patients efficiently and equitably for an early electrocardiogram to detect myocardial infarction. Additionally, she holds an MBA with a focus in finance and is working with groups at Stanford that are bridging the gap between academic medicine and industry. She works on the Fair, Useful Research Models with Monetary value (FURM) evaluation process that examines AI implementation and is a part of the Stanford Emergency Medicine Partnership Program (STEPP) aimed at building collaborations between the ED and companies focused on patient care solutions. The combination of a business background and research skills allow her to focus on the implementation of AI technologies into practice.