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IBIIS-AIMI Seminar: Industrial Applied Research in Healthcare and Federated Learning at NVIDIA - Daguang Xu, PhD

Event Details:

Wednesday, June 21, 2023
12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT



This event is open to:

Daguang Xu, PhD
Senior Research Manager NVIDIA Healthcare

Abstract: As the market leader in deep learning and parallel computing, NVIDIA is fully committed to advancing applied research in medical imaging. Our goal is to revolutionize the capabilities of medical doctors and radiologists by equipping them with powerful tools and applications based on deep learning. We firmly believe that the integration of deep learning and accelerated AI will have a profound impact on the life sciences, medicine, and the healthcare industry as a whole. To drive this transformative process, NVIDIA is actively democratizing deep learning through the provision of a comprehensive AI computing platform specifically designed for the healthcare community. These GPU-accelerated solutions not only promote collaboration but also prioritize the security of each institution's information. By doing so, we are fostering a collective effort in harnessing the potential of deep learning to benefit healthcare. During this talk, I will showcase remarkable research achievements accomplished by NVIDIA's deep learning in medical imaging team. This includes breakthroughs in segmentation, self-supervised learning, federated learning, and other related areas. Additionally, I will provide insights into the exciting avenues of research that our team is currently exploring.

Bio: Daguang Xu is now a senior research manager at NVIDIA. He is leading a research team in healthcare AI, focusing on developing world-class machine learning and deep learning-based methods to solve the challenging problems in medical domain. His current research interest includes but not limited to medical imaging analysis, EHR analysis, computer aided diagnosis, federated learning. etc. He has published 100+ papers on top journals and conferences and has 50+ granted or in-application patents. His team has been working closely with many universities, hospitals, and medical centers, e.g. NIH, MGH, KCL, Children's national medical center, etc.

Attendance is open to the Stanford community. If you would like to attend on Zoom, please contact the AIMI Center at

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