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AIMI Symposium 2022

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Symposium Recordings

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 3rd Annual AIMI Symposium. The AIMI Symposium 2022 will focus on key advances and the future vision for artificial intelligence in medicine: 

  • Advancing the Scientific Understanding of Disease
  • Improving the Practice of Clinical Medicine
  • Orchestrating the Delivery of Health Care
  • Open Data and Democratizing AI for Health
  • Safe, Fair and Ethical AI

Our goal is to make the best science accessible to a broad audience of academic, clinical, and industry attendees. Through the AIMI Symposium we hope to address gaps and barriers in the field and catalyze more evidence-based solutions to improve health for all.


Co-Program Directors: Akshay Chaudhari, Jeanne Shen
Committee: Akshay Chaudhari, Curtis Langlotz, Jeanne Shen, Johanna Kim, Nigam Shah, Shreyas Vasanawala, Serena Yeung


We are grateful to The Big Data in Biomedicine Fund for their generous support that allows students and fellows to attend the 2022 AIMI Symposium for free.