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Stanford AIMI - Google Cloud Credit Call for Proposals

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The AIMI Center in collaboration with Google Cloud, is offering Stanford researchers the opportunity to receive up to $20,000 per year of Google Cloud research credits on any Google Cloud product. This call for proposals aims to stimulate and support research in the field of artificial intelligence in medicine and imaging that distinctively takes advantage of cloud capabilities. Proposals of all sizes will be considered, from initial exploration of cloud computing usability for projects to more advanced-stage projects.


  • Creation of novel AI-based methods for clinical image creation, reconstruction, and/or enhancement;

  • Development and/or dissemination of AI systems that enhance early detection, reduce diagnostic errors, select appropriate treatment, or improve the quality and efficiency of current clinical practices;

  • Prospective evaluation of decision support algorithms in the clinical environment;

  • Creation of large training sets for machine learning systems, including the development of methods that automatically label clinical images;

  • Above projects that focus on health disparities based on socioeconomic disparities

  • Above projects that distinctively take advantage of GCP capabilities


Each proposal must have a Principal Investigator who is an affiliated faculty of the AIMI Center. All members of the Stanford faculty are welcome to apply for AIMI faculty affiliation.  Faculty with PI eligibility include those with tenure line (UTL), medical center line (MCL) research (NTLR), clinician educator (CE), or Instructor who are full-time Stanford employees. In addition, post-doctoral scholars who are part of a lab of an AIMI affiliated faculty and have permission from their mentor faculty to submit a proposal as PI are welcome to apply.


The research must relate directly to AI in medicine, and the objectives of the project should include an outcome that will benefit patients. Awardees must be willing to present progress and results of their project at AIMI meetings, e.g., research meetings, seminars, symposiums, and retreats, and Google corporate meetings if requested. Awardees are expected to acknowledge and inform the AIMI Center for any papers, presentations, and grants that involve the funded project. Awardees must be willing to allow the AIMI Center and the department to promote the project through its website, social media, and other communication channels. 

In addition, you should acknowledge the connection between your project and your use of Google Cloud via a research credit, with a statement like the following: “This project is based upon work supported by Google Cloud.” You may be contacted by Google Cloud for partnership on a public case study.


APPLY HERE FOR PROPOSALS <$5,000 - currently open

  • Submit your application on the Google website. Please be sure to indicate Stanford AIMI as the Department name in order to be considered part of this call for proposals. 

  • Proposal (up to 500 words): Research problem to be solved, Google Cloud products to be used, Project timeline, Key milestones and outcomes, and how GCP can support your research in the future. 

  • Budget: Expected costs using the Google pricing calculator.

 APPLY HERE FOR PROPOSALS >$5,000 - currently closed; expected to resume in 2023

  • Submit your application on the Stanford Seed Funding website.

  • Scope of work (up to 1 page): Background, Research problem to be solved, Expected significance, Description of experimental methods and procedures; Google Cloud products  to be used, Project timeline, Key milestones and outcomes, and how Google Cloud can support your research in the future. 

  • Budget: Expected costs using the Google pricing calculator.


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Applicants will generally be notified of results within 2-3 weeks of application submission.


A joint AIMI-Google Review Committee will evaluate proposals based on scientific merit, potential clinical impact, alignment with program priorities listed above, technical feasibility, and appropriateness of the budget. 




Google Cloud research  credits can be used for most computing services on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) such as storage, compute, and data analysis. The credits can not be used for Maps Platform products. Credits may not be used for Google Cloud support packages. Credits must only be used for research described in the proposal section of your application.


Johanna Kim, MPH, MBA
Executive Director, Stanford AIMI


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