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Associate Scholar

David Ouyang

Affiliate, Biomedical Data Science-James Zou

I am a cardiologist and researcher in the Department of Cardiology and Division of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. As a physician-scientist and statistician with focus on cardiology and cardiovascular imaging, I work on applications of deep learning, computer vision, and the statistical analysis of large datasets within cardiovascular medicine. As a clinical echocardiographer, I work on applying deep learning for precision phenotyping in cardiac ultrasound. Additionally, I am interested in multi-modal datasets, linking ECG, echo, and MRI data for a holistic look at cardiovascular disease. I majored in statistics at Rice University, obtained my MD at UCSF, and received post-graduate medical education in internal medicine, cardiology, and a postdoc in computer science and biomedical data science at Stanford University.

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