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Mar 3 2020 | Scientific Reports | Posted In: News
Rajpurkar P, Irvin J, Langlotz CP, Ng AY, Patel BN. AppendiXNet: Deep Learning for Diagnosis of Appendicitis from A Small Dataset of CT Exams Using Video Pretraining. Sci Rep 10, 3958 (2020).
Nov 18 2019 | npj Digital Medicine | Posted In: News
Patel, B.N., Rosenberg, L., Willcox, G. et al. Human–machine partnership with artificial intelligence for chest radiograph diagnosis. npj Digit. Med. 2, 111 (2019).
Sep 12 2019 | Posted In: News
The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) yearbook has named Probabilistic prognostic estimates of survival in metastatic cancer patients (PPES-Met) utilizing free-text clinical narratives as one of the best four papers (among 1,148 reviewed) published in 2018 Decision Support. Congratulations, Dr. Rubin!
Jun 7 2019 | Stanford News | Posted In: News
Radiologists improved their diagnoses of brain aneurysms with the help of an artificial intelligence algorithm developed by medical experts and computer scientists. Read more >>
Jun 5 2019 | Stanford Engineering Magazine | Posted In: News
Using artificial intelligence, engineers have developed a computer model that could help breast cancer experts detect the earliest signs of a tumor. Read more >> Related publication: A Probabilistic Model to Support Radiologists’ Classification Decisions in Mammography Practice