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Dr. Curtis Langlotz speaking to the National Academy of Medicine's National Cancer Policy Forum on how artificial intelligence will change imaging diagnosis of cancer  
Jan 12 2018 | Posted In: News
In PET imaging, the amount of radiotracer dose typically correlates with the level of image quality.  But researchers from Stanford University have trained a deep-learning algorithm to process ultralow-dose PET image data and then create synthetic images that approximate PET scans acquired using a...
Dec 21 2017 | Posted In: News
Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay in radiology—and so are radiologists. Curtis Langlotz, MD, PhD, of Stanford made the case during a how-to session Nov. 27 at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago.
Nov 28 2017 | Posted In: News
The test set of hand x-ray images from the 2017 RSNA Bone Age Challenge has been released on the AIMI website - click on the datasets page to access!  
Nov 15 2017 | Posted In: News
Our deep learning CNN model can classify radiology free-text reports with accuracy equivalent to or beyond that of an existing traditional NLP model.