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Apr 29 2021 | Forbes | Posted In: Media, News
Two AI luminaries, Fei-Fei Li and Andrew Ng got together today
Apr 13 2021 | MedCityNews | Posted In: Media, News
In a review of 130 FDA-cleared AI tools, researchers found that the vast majority of them relied on retrospective studies. Most of the developers also didn’t share information on how many sites the algorithms had been tested in, or how they performed in different patient demographics. Read full article here »
Nov 2 2020 | Read Full Article | Posted In: News
As healthcare systems increasingly rely on predictive algorithms to make decisions about patient care, they are bumping up against issues of fairness. 
Sep 11 2020 | Open Health News | Posted In: News
Fans of data in health care often speculate about what clinicians and researchers could achieve by reducing friction in data sharing. What if we had easy access to group repositories, expert annotations and labels, robust and consistent metadata, and standards without inconsistencies? Since 2017, the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) has been displaying a model for such data sharing.
Aug 26 2020 | Stanford HAI News | Posted In: News
Experts across disciplines examine the promise and opportunities in artificial intelligence in the medical sciences during a recent AIMI virtual conference. Artificial intelligence’s remarkable ability to ingest huge amounts of data, make sense of images, and spot patterns that escape even the most-skilled human eye has inspired hope that the technology will transform medicine. Realizing the full potential of this opportunity will require the combined efforts of experts in computer science, medicine, policy, mathematics, ethics and more.