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Sep 15 2021 | Stanford Medicine News | Posted In: News
Stanford Medicine researchers created a new type of medical consult that harnesses millions of electronic health records to bring new insights to patient care.Researchers at Stanford Medicine have breathed new life into old electronic health records to help doctors stumped by tough cases.
Aug 23 2021 | Nature Portfolio | Posted In: Media, News
Dr. Akshay Chaudhari discusses paper, Low-count whole-body PET with deep learning in a multicenter and externally validated study, recently published in npj Digital Medicine.
Aug 5 2021 | Wired | Posted In: News
A study raises new concerns that AI will exacerbate disparities in health care. One issue? The study’s authors aren’t sure what cues are used by the algorithms. MILLIONS OF DOLLARS are being spent to develop artificial intelligence software that reads x-rays and other medical scans in hopes it can spot things doctors look for but sometimes miss, such as lung cancers.
Aug 3 2021 | AI in Healthcare | Posted In: News
The academic medical institution that maintains the world’s best-stocked library of curated, patient-deidentified and AI-ready data is going 100% open source with its digital riches.Stanford Health announced the move Aug. 2, saying it already has nine available datasets containing more than 1 million useable assets—specifically annotated medical images—and is likely to hit 2 million within the next year.