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Recent News

Apr 16 2019 | Radiology
Abstract: This summary of the 2018 NIH/RSNA/ACR/The Academy Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging provides a roadmap to identify and prioritize research needs for academic research laboratories, funding agencies, professional societies, and industry.
Apr 12 2019 | Github
Andrew Ng’s lab and AIMI researchers released a labeled MRI Knee data for the world to use and participate in an open challenge for deep learning! The AIMI Center believes pursuing reproducibility and transparency of scientific results by making data (and models) from published work available for...
Jan 21 2019 | AAAI
Latest medical AI model and largest chest x-ray dataset ever released, thanks to a wonderful Stanford+MIT collaboration. Abstract: Jeremy Irvin, Pranav Rajpurkar, Michael Ko, Yifan Yu, Silviana Ciurea-Ilcus, Chris Chute, Henrik Marklund, Behzad Haghgoo, Robyn Ball, Katie Shpanskaya, Jayne Seekins,...
Dec 11 2018 | Radiology
Remarkable work led by Greg Zaharchuk, MD, PhD, showing that diagnostic quality amyloid PET images can be generated using 1% of the PET data obtained from PET/MRI with the help of AI was recently published in Radiology.
Nov 20 2018 | Radiology
Jared A. Dunnmon , Darvin Yi, Curtis P. Langlotz, Christopher Ré, Daniel L. Rubin, Matthew P. Lungren assess the ability of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to enable high-performance automated binary classification of chest radiographs.