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AIMI NextGen Tech Talks: Drs. Maya Yiadom, MD, Gabrielle Bunney, MD, MBA, and Rana Kabeer, MD

Event Details:

Monday, February 26, 2024
5:00pm - 5:45pm PST



This event is open to:

General Public

AIMI NextGen Tech Talks is a live online webinar series tailored towards high school students eager to explore the field of AI in medicine and health. Hear from renowned experts in the field as they share their professional journeys shaping the future of healthcare with technology! Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in a live webinar Q&A with the speakers. 

Drs. Maya Yiadom, MD, Gabrielle Bunney, MD, MBA, and Rana Kabeer, MD, will share about their professional journies and the future of AI in medicine. There will also be a panel Q&A session with these special guests, moderated by Aarav Wattal and Nidhi Parthasarathy, former AIMI Center research interns. Hope to see you there!

Date: Monday, February 26th, 2024 at 5:00-5:45pm Pacific Time

Format: Live webinar presentation and Q&A

Registration: Free and open to all ages.


Speaker Bios

Dr. Maya Yiadom is a physician-scientist and leader in emergency care with expertise in clinical operations. Currently, as the Principal Investigator for the Emergency Care Health Services Research Data Coordinating Center (HSR-DCC) and an Associate Professor at Stanford University, she seamlessly integrates academic rigor and industry innovation to tackle hospital challenges. With a healthcare policy background from Princeton and experience as a healthcare management consultant in New York City, Dr. Yiadom completed medical school at Robert Wood Johnson, earned an MPH at Harvard, and pursued health policy reform education at Johns Hopkins. Her research focuses on addressing disparities in time-sensitive care access, especially in cardiovascular disease. As the  Vice Chair for Research in the Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine, she successfully elevated NIH funding, doubled peer-reviewed productivity, and tripled faculty engagement in research. Externally, she serves on the boards of the Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance and the American Heart Association's Precision Medicine Platform.

Dr. Gabrielle Bunney is an Innovation fellow in the department of Emergency Medicine at Stanford. She has a passion for using artificial intelligence (AI) models to support emergency medicine care delivery and efficiency. She has worked on projects using machine learning models to predict early seizures after intracerebral hemorrhage and identify patients for a hospital’s geriatric intervention program aimed to avoid hospital admission. Her current research projects are focused on designing a model to select patients efficiently and equitably for an early electrocardiogram to detect myocardial infarction. Additionally, she holds an MBA with a focus in finance and is working with groups at Stanford that are bridging the gap between academic medicine and industry. She works on the Fair, Useful Research Models with Monetary value (FURM) evaluation process that examines AI implementation and is a part of the Stanford Emergency Medicine Partnership Program (STEPP) aimed at building collaborations between the ED and companies focused on patient care solutions. The combination of a business background and research skills allow her to focus on the implementation of AI technologies into practice. 

Dr. Rana Kabeer is a first-year fellow in Innovation and Design within the Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine and current MBA-candidate at the Berkeley Haas School of Business. He was born and raised in Michigan, where he completed his undergraduate studies in Human Biology and Michigan State University and went on to obtain a Masters of Public Health degree in International Health Epidemiology from the University of Michigan. He then served as a Substance Abuse Epidemiologist for the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human services before completing his medical degree at the University of Michigan. Throughout his residency at Stanford University, he has been the recipient of multiple educational and clinical awards and served as chief resident in his final year. His research interests include developing novel methods of educational engagement for physicians, exploring methods of teaching innovation-based principles for physicians, and maximizing equity and care delivery related to acute coronary syndrome management within the Emergency Department as part of the Yiadom lab. In his free time, Rana enjoys traveling, going to the movies, and spending time with his partner Carlie and their dog Roxie.

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