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AIMI Research Meeting: Augmenting Physician Capabilities with AI-Powered Patient Monitoring in the Emergency Department - David Kim, MD, PhD & Julia Reisler, BS

Event Details:

Thursday, March 30, 2023
3:00pm - 4:00pm PDT


Hybrid: In-Person | Virtual

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Abstract: Patients present to the Emergency Department (ED) with diverse and rapidly progressive disease states for which the necessity and optimal timing of tests and interventions are difficult to predict. ED patients are routinely connected to sophisticated monitors that continuously measure several dimensions of physiology, which are known to predict a variety of disease outcomes. Yet the vast majority of monitoring data is discarded, and is inaccessible to clinicians and researchers. This talk presents recent work demonstrating the limitations of conventional clinical representations of patient trajectories, the diagnostic and prognostic benefits of modeling continuous monitoring and other multimodal time series data in the ED, and our efforts to make this approach useful for clinical decision-making in real time. 

David Kim, MD, PhD Assistant Professor Stanford University

Bio: David Kim, MD PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Stanford. His research focuses on predicting the short- and long-term trajectories of ED patients through multimodal modeling of physiologic, clinical, and administrative data.

Julia Reisler, BS
Master's Student Stanford University

Bio: Julia Reisler, BS, is a Master's student in Computer Science at Stanford. Prior to her graduate studies, Julia was a machine learning engineer at Apple, where she specialized in active learning and distribution shift.



Attendance is open to the Stanford community. If you would like to attend in-person or on Zoom, please contact the AIMI Center at

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