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AIMI Research Meeting: AI Integration Improves Breast Cancer Screening in a Real-World, Retrospective Cohort Study - Helen Frazer, MD

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Thursday, December 15, 2022
3:00pm - 4:00pm PST


Hybrid: In-Person | Virtual

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Adj. Assoc. Professor Helen Frazer is a radiologist and Clinical Director of St Vincent’s BreastScreen and BreastScreen Victoria. Helen has over 20 years of clinical experience alongside research focussed on the use of deep learning AI for breast cancer detection; ethical, legal, and social implications of AI in healthcare; user experience and workflow studies in cancer screening; and health workforce preparation for AI tools. Helen leads the BRAIx AI research program that was awarded an MRFF grant to translate promising AI mammography image reading results into breast cancer screening and was awarded Women in AI ANZ 2022 Innovator of the Year.


Artificial intelligence (AI) readers, derived from applying deep learning models to medical image analysis, hold great promise for improving population breast cancer screening. However, previous evaluations of AI readers for breast cancer screening have mostly been conducted using cancer-enriched cohorts and have lacked assessment of the potential use of AI readers alongside radiologists in multi reader screening programs. Here, we present a new AI reader for detecting breast cancer from mammograms in a large-scale population screening setting, and a novel analysis of the potential for human-AI reader collaboration in a well-established, high-performing population screening program. Our study demonstrated that human-AI collaboration has potential to improve accuracy and lower radiologist workload and costs in real world screening programs. The next stage of validation is to undertake prospective studies that can also assess the effects of the AI systems on human performance and behaviour.

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