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AIMI Research Group Meeting: AI in Radiology, a European Perspective, Erik Ranschaert, MD, PhD

September 19, 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
Li Ka Shing, LK306
Erik Ranschaert, MD, PhD; Laurens Topff, MD

This event is for the Stanford community.

AI continues to make in-roads into medical imaging and the pace of technology commercialization is accelerating, also in Europe. At ECR this year, there were over 25 independent software vendors (ISVs) showcasing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for medical imaging within a dedicated space. The question however has now shifted to what clinical value AI solutions can provide, rather than if AI is suitable for medical imaging. Issues such as the clinical relevancy, optimal workflow integration,  return on investment and  validation are now on the forefront. In this presentation we will express our ideas and vision about these topics, mainly based upon our experience in the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

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